Happy Birthday Beethoven!

Ludwig van Beethoven im idealisierten Porträt von Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820 im Auftrag von Antonie Brentano entstanden.

Today, 250 years ago, Beethoven was baptised in the St-Remigius-Church in the rhenisch city of Bonn. His exact birthdate is unknown, probably though he was born one day earlier on the 16th of December in the now so called “Beethoven-Haus” in the Bonngasse. Had 2020 been a normal year we would have performed his first symphony as a contribution to the anniversary – however as we all know, music hasn’t been easy in the last year.

Despite this we still want to celebrate this special day somehow, so we decided to search our archives. What we found was a registration of the third symphony “Eroica” from 2004 (yes, Sinfonietta has been a thing for a while), from which we want to present the first movement here.